arcade game


Thanks for this game submission Jeramee Wambach!


Almost just like the real Whack a Mole game but better... we use leaders as moles! fun to play and watch.

Pro Tips:

  1. Bring aspirin for leaders.
  2. Pick smaller students. The bigger football players can inflict to much pain. Seriously!


  • Large over sized inflatable hammer. Key word inflatable!
  • You need to build a plat form that leaders fit under. Allow room for them around the size of a sheet of plywood. you can make it out of cardboard or plywood. one time we just had extra leaders hold a sheet with holes in it.

How to Play:

We played it in 60 second rounds. That's almost too long. leaders get tired popping up and down. Have a sound guy play the music as a timer. Music stops round over. Have an official counter that tracks actual hits while the mole is up. we had one round where we let everyone count and they just counted swings. became very confusing as to who one. That's it. Fun to watch. Fun to play! Have an awesome prize for the winner. Maybe a live mole.

Watch the game in action on youtube: