New Years

Dizzy Horse

2014 is the year of the Horse. But you can play this game any year. The font is brain flower, and yes... it's fantastic for dizzy horses.


  1. A toy horse
  2. Painters Tape

How to Play:

Tape a line on the floor. This is the starting line. Call a few students up. Have them go one at a time. Students hold a toy horse, arms extended out in front of them. They spin around in circles. Have a leader count out 20 full spins. Student puts horse on starting line. And then jumps over it as far as possible. Let the students know ahead of time that this is ultimately a long jump competition. Student that jumps the furthest wins.

(If you don't have any random horses lying around, feel free to use any object that a student could hold while spinning)



Pro Tips:

  1. Say "faster, faster, faster" while they spin. Otherwise they'll go slower in order to get an edge on the competition.
  2. Don't choose kids with notoriously weak ankles.
  3. Have a leader demonstrate before you have the students go.