Spelling Bee Battle

This is a trick game, except the joke is on the leader.


  1. Mountain dew
  2. Syrup
  3. Shaving Cream
  4. Flower
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Egg
  7. Trashbags

How to Play:

You can play several different variations. The leader doesn't even need to get tricked. You can just choose two students if you like. Here's how we played it:

It was me (Keith) vs. a student (Josh) and another leader (Caleb) was the judge. Tell the team that the contestant must correctly spell the object or face punishment.

Caleb held up a can of mountain dew and told me to spell the object. I quickly spelled out mountain dew. Caleb said that was wrong  and that he only wanted the spelling for "can." My punishment: have mountain dew poured on my head. Josh's turn was next and he spelled syrup. Caleb said that was correct. Caleb held up shaving cream and I spelled shaving cream. Caleb said that was wrong and that he was going to ask me to spell an ingredient in the shaving cream. Shaving cream was put on my head. So on and so forth. One contestant walks away dry. Caleb (the leader judging) walks away with students cheering him on for tricking the pastor. And I walk away with all sorts of things poured on me.




Pro tips:

  1. Have an actual spelling bee where one contestant gets easy words and the other contestant gets really difficult words. The punishment is honey is poured on the person every time they spell a word wrong.
  2. Don't play this game right before a talk, someone is bound to miss some of the intro. If the one getting pranked is also teaching the lesson (like I did) then play a game in between that doesn't involve the teacher so he can get cleaned and won't be a distraction.
  3. Have someone take pictures of your shame.