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Read My Lips

This game was submitted by instagram user @insideoutcbcb via @youthgroupcollective


  1. Noise canceling headphones
  2. Music Player

How to Play:

Have two students come to the front. One of them puts on noise cenceling head pones w/music blasting and the other is given a simple phrase or name to say out loud to partner. Goal is to have their partner read their lips. Think of funny phrases like, "The army of giant hamsters built a lego fortress." Give them four guesses to get it right.

Use holiday words and phrases for a holiday themed night

You can also play this with teams: Each team sends up two people and if they get it right they get a point for their team. Then the next team does the same. First team to get to two points wins (way harder than is sounds if headphones are good).