Easter, Valentines Day

OOH! Piece of Candy!

This is a trick game.


  1. A bag of Individually wrapped bubble gum (Double Bubble works great)
  2. Use a different candy to make this Easter or Valentines Day themed. It doesn't have to be gum. 
  3. 3 blindfolds

How to Play:

Ask for three contestants. Tell them the objective of the game is to crawl on their hands and knees, finding as much bubble gum as they can, and chewing it. Leaders will keep track of how many they eat. Then tell them they need to go outside while you lay out some bubble gum on the ground. Put blindfolds on them and lead them out of the room. When they're gone and out of earshot, tell the crowd that this is a trick and only one student will actually compete.

Bring the guys in one at a time (because they're blind folded... they need a leader to lead them inside so have two wait outside while one is brought inside). Take the blindfold off the first guy that comes in and have him sit back down. Then grab the second guy. Lead him in, then take his blindfold off and sit him down. Lead the third guy in, put him on all fours and ask if everyone is ready. Then say "On your mark, get set, GO!" 

It'll be one student, frantically crawling around the floor stuffing dubble bubble into his mouth as quickly as he can. Call it quits before it stops being funny. Congratulate the only one who participated for winning.

Pro Tips:

  1. Be sure to choose someone who is  confident to play this trick on.
  2. Make sure you have the crowd cheer on all of the 3 originally chosen volunteers super loud (even though they're not playing) so that it will be more real for the one kid who is competing alone.
  3. Find the family guy clip of "How to Catch James Woods." Rip the audio of him saying "Ooh! Piece of Candy!" and loop it. Play it while the contestant competes against no one. (Or play some other upbeat song).