Jingle All the Way

This game is based on the popular Minute to Win it game, Jingle in the Trunk. 


  1. Jingle Bells (24 at least)
  2. Two empty rectangular tissue boxes (At least)
  3. String/rope & Glue or old belt

How to Play

This is one of Ruby's favorite Christmas games and can be really hilarious to watch!

Take the empty tissue boxes and fill them each with an equal number of jingle bells. To make it more festive, wrap the box in Christmas paper first. You may want to take out the flimsy plastic covering that makes the slit in order to allow the bells to come out faster.  Attach the string/rope/belt to the box via hot glue gun, super glue, or any other way you want. Make sure the string or whatever you choose to attach to the box will be long enough to tie around someone's hip area.

Secure the kleenex boxes to the competitor's lower back. They must shake, jump, and move around to get their jingle bells out before the other contestant does. Or you can end the time after a minute and announce the winner based on who had gotten the most out. 

This works in many youth groups but you should know that some students won't feel comfortable swinging around their lower body on a stage in front of people. Pick volunteers wisely.