It's not what it sounds like. Actually, I'm not really sure what it sounds like. Anyways, this is a game of triangles!


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How to Play:

Split the room in half or several teams or just let the whole room play all at the same time all against each other. So many options. Explain to the students that you're going to make a triangle. Their job is to guess who the triangle belongs to. You can use anything to make this triangle. You might point to three students in the room. You might use 3 jenga blocks. You might use three markers. Either way, create a triangle on the floor with three objects. Then ask, "Who does this triangle belong to?"

The answer? The triangle belongs to the first person to speak once the triangle has been formed.

Students will think it is about who is closest to the third object or who the third object is pointing to or something to do with the objects you're laying down or pointing to. Eventually though someone will catch on.

You can also call this bermuda triangle if you like.