Bobble Head

This is another Minute to Win it game called Bobble Head. Which means you can find an intro video for it (AKA "blueprint") via youtube and then download it yourself with realplayer (or something) and then embed it onto your slideshow.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Pedometers (aka step counters)
  2. Sweatbands

Pro Tips:

  1. has the brilliant idea of calling this game "HEADBANGERS EXAM" and playing  Metallica during it. If you've got some Metalheads in your youth group, this is definitely the way to go.
  2. Play this game more than once and keep track of who wins the first time so you can have people face off against the Champ.

How to Play:

Before game time, attach each pedometer to  each sweatband using the clip on the back of the pedometer (each volunteer playing will need one, unless you plan on using one sweatband/pedometer and letting them all share). Bring a few students on stage. Place the sweatbands with attached pedometers on each of the volunteers heads. Have a countdown clock set for one minute and have the students shake their heads until the time runs up.  Whoever has the highest number on their pedometer wins.