Banana Throw Down

Banana throw down is a great up front game but it's also a trick game.


  1. 3 Bananas per player
  2. a table
  3. 1 blindfold per player

How to Play:

Ask for three or so volunteers. This is a blindfolded banana eating contest. You'll bring the contestants up front and start to blindfold them. Let them know they're going to be taking part in a banana eating contest. After everyone is blindfolded, take the blindfolds off of all the students except for one and indicate to them that they can go sit back down.

Now what you have left is one student competing against no one to see how fast he can eat three bananas.


Pro Tips:

  1. Don't sit the students down in chairs. Just have them stand behind the table with the bananas on it. Otherwise the student who remains blindfolded might hear them all getting up and leaving the stage.
  2. Don't forget to cheer for the students who are no longer eating bananas. This will make it seem more real for the one student who is still participating.
  3. Once the student starts to figure out that he's the goose, let him know he's right and end the game on a high note.