Where's My Chicken?

It's students vs. leaders Where's My Chicken?


  1. An object to represent the chicken. We used a giant tennis ball but you can use anything that is similar in size to a chicken.

How to Play:

Put leaders on one end of the room -- a gym/soccer field works well too (pretty much against the wall) with the chicken 6 feet from them. Put students on the other side of the room facing the leaders. The goal is for the students to steal the chicken from  the leaders and works a lot like the game "Red Light Green Light".  The leaders will turn their backs on both the students and the chicken and shout "Wheressssssss Myyyyyyyy Chickennnnnnnnn?" for around 3-4 seconds.  It is only when the leaders backs are turned and they are shouting this that the students can move.  As soon as the leaders have finished shouting "where's my chicken", they all turn around and face the students again.  At this point, the students must freeze and remain frozen until the leaders turn around again.

Pro Tips:

  1. We played this game once and our students loved it but I don't think they would've enjoyed a second game of it that same night.
  2. Leaders are pretty much in charge of how easy or how difficult this game is by deciding how long or how short to shout "Where's my chicken" so do what feels right.
  3. Optional: We played it so that once the leaders turned around to face the students they were also able to walk amongst the students and try to get them to move or laugh. Thus, causing the student to go back to start. Once the students picked the chicken up we no longer did this.

If any leader sees a student move, that student gets sent back to the starting line. After this round, leaders face the wall again and any students not caught moving can start the new round where they are. Repeat this process until students "steal" the chicken.

Once the chicken is picked up if a leader can see it from where they are standing, it gets put back down. The students can work together and huddle around the chicken so that the leaders cannot see who has it. But again, the students can only move when the leaders backs are towards them...otherwise they must freeze. The game is over when the students bring the chicken all the way back to their starting point.