What's Your Face?

This mixer comes from Paul Landhuis... Thanks Paul!


  1. Projection Capabilities

How to Play:

A few weeks beforehand, request pictures from students from at least 3 years ago--the more it doesn't look like you, the better. Prior to the mixer, create a PowerPoint with those pictures and then have people try to guess the names.

Once the person on screen is identified, they should stand up so kids can recognize and put a face to the name.

From Keith: The more work you put into this game, the better... my students love making fun of what an ugly child I was. Contacting parents, might be the most effective way to get childhood pictures. This game has great potential to be fun and personal and will definitely make your group's bond stronger.

Pro Tips:

  1. We bought a bag of bite size candy that works great as an incentive for games like this. First person to guess it right, gets a candy. It's fun to throw candy at your students and they don't mind it either!
  2. Make sure you involve your leaders too!
  3. Tell students ahead of time that if they see themselves, not to give it away.