The Purge

This game is a chaotic twist on balloon battle.

Supplies Need:

  1. 1-2 balloons per student.

How To Play:

The rules are very simple. Put a pile of balloons in the middle of the room. The last student with a balloon wins. They can do whatever they want except for inflicting pain on one another. Let students know they aren't allowed to leave the room.

We did this in my youth group and played some exciting music. It's really fun when the person running the game makes suggestions like, "Jake has a balloon! Everyone get Jake!" Jake won't have a balloon for long. The winner was a girl who sneakily hid her balloon under a sweatshirt and pretended to be completely uninterested in playing the game. We forgot to tell students they weren't allowed to leave the room and they were running all over our field and parking lot and the game took a tad longer than we wanted.

Pro Tips:

  1. Tell students they aren't allowed to use objects to pop the balloons. The last thing you want is someone running after someone else with a pair of scissors.
  2. Reinforce the boundaries of your game.
  3. Keep a keen eye out for the last balloon to be popped. Make sure you know very clearly who the winner is.