Balloon Battle

Also called balloon stomp, this game starts out high energy and can quickly slow down. So, we'll talk about how to avoid that.


  1. Non-helium alloons (at least one per student)
  2. Ribbon
  3. Scissors


Blow up all the balloons you think you will need to make sure that there is one for every one (and maybe a few extra in case some get popped before the game).  Cut about 3 foot lengths of ribbon and tie them on to each balloon.

Pro Tips:

  1. If someone's balloon is popped by someone who is out... be prepared to replace it.
  2. Play fun music while the game is happening.

How To Play:

Have everyone grab a balloon and tie its ribbon onto either their ankle or shoestring. Competitive players will try to tie the balloon extremely close to their ankles. Don't let them, it's probably not a good idea (it will be harder for anyone to pop their balloon that way, and they are more likely to get hurt if someone is stomping so close to their ankle). You can give two balloons per person if you feel like doing the work. It's a free for all. Using only their feet, students have to stomp on other students' balloons in order to pop them. Once someone gets their balloon(s) popped, they're out and cannot try to pop anyone else's balloon.

Sometimes when only 3-4 players remain, they begin to avoid each other and things will go slowly. So change the rules up (especially if only guys are left) and say that now they can use any part of their body to pop someone's balloon.