Baby Bronco Backpack

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How to Play:

Divide your group up into teams of two. The whole group walks around (you're not allowed to stand still, nor can you walk with your partner... you must mingle). The leader can yell out one of three commands: Baby, Bronco or Backpack.

If the leader yells out "baby" one of the partners must jump in the other partner's arms and be held/cradled like a baby. 

If the leader yells out "bronco" then one partner gets on the floor and the other partner sits on his back (we usually tell the students to sit side saddle to avoid any awkwardness or perceived inappropriateness).

If the leader yells out "backpack" one partner gives the other a piggy back ride.

The last duo to perform the action each round is out. Continue until there is only one team left.