Apple Fork


Participants throw an apple back and forth, catching it on forks and leaving the forks behind.

Pro Tips:

  1. Have students hold their fork with the prongs facing away from them. Most students naturally face the prongs inward and this puts them at a distinct disadvantage (IMO).
  2. You almost definitely have to play this game in order to feel the excitement of forks hurling at you.


  • 1 fork for everyone!
  • Like 6 apples!

How to Play:

Give everyone a fork. Lob an apple at someone. Have them catch it with their fork. At this time they will throw the apple with the fork attached to it to someone else. They will catch it with their fork and throw it towards someone else now with both forks attached. Rinse and Repeat. We recommend bringing along several apples because the game is addictive.

Here's a video of some peeps playing apple fork!