Thanks for this game submission John from Romania!


Teams stuff balloons down their contestants' XXXL sweatshirt & sweatpants.

Pro Tips:

  1. Choose same-gender teams
  2. Buy the biggest sweats you can find


  • A lot of balloons
  • XXXL (or bigger) sweatpants and sweatshirt

How to Play:

Have students get in teams. Have teams select one person to be their sumo wrestler. Have each sumo wrestler contestant put their sweats on OVER THEIR EXISTING CLOTHES. At the start of the game have students race to see who can stuff the most balloons in their sumo's sweatpants and sweatshirt.

Give the students a limited amount of time.

Select a winner at the end based on which team has the most balloons in their sumo contestants sweats.


After the game see which sumo can pop their balloons the fastest and then announce another winner!

Here's an image John provided: