Egg Toss Boss

A great updated promo for a classic game.


  1. One egg for every two students.

How to Play:

Have everyone find a partner. Players form two parallel lines with one person from each pair in one line and their partner facing them in the opposite line. There should be about 4 feet between the lines. On 3, have everyone toss the egg gently to their partner. If anyone cracks their egg, they are out. Let everyone remaining take one small step backwards. On three, toss the egg again. Rinse and repeat until there are only two people left standing.

Pro Tips:

  1. As much as we like a fast paced, chaotic game... this one has to go slow for the sake of fairness.
  2. Start and end each round. Make sure students take a step back that's the same distance as the rest of the students  in their line.