Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness can mean a lot of things. Here's what it means for us:

An all-nighter that defies lock-ins. We're doing this with my denomination's district this year (more youth groups = more madness = more fun). You rent out several places during their night, during hours when they'd usually be closed. And then you transport students from place to place. You usually only need 100 kids to make this worthwhile.

We're going to begin the night with a rally at a church, then we'll move on to bumper cars, laser tag, and an arcade (and pizza and drinks). Following that we'll go  cosmic bowling. Afterwards we'll wind down and watch a movie back at the church with a popcorn machine. All for 20 dollars per student.

Potential activities:

  1. Cosmic Bowling
  2. Movie Theater
  3. Chuck E Cheese
  4. Laser Tag
  5. Roller Blading
  6. Ice Skating
  7. Mini Golfing
  8. Spelunking
  9. Carpet Skating
  10. Water Slides and swimming