Duct Tape Wars

Duct Tape Wars is a great themed night. We've only done it once but it was a blast.

Activities included:

Duct tape a team member to a wall.

We gave each team a roll of duct tape and they taped their lightest student to the wall. We had painted cinder block walls and none of the paint came off. I can't promise the same for your walls so test it out first. We gave them a time limit of several minutes to do their best taping job and then started a timer -- whoever fell off the wall first lost. Helpful hint: let students stand on a chair while they're being taped to the wall and take pictures!

Duct Tape Crafts:

Most of our kids made wallets. We printed out some how to instructions and let them have at it. We bought patterned duct tape of all different colors and varieties from Walmart.

Strong Arm:
Have the teams designate a student to compete in this event.  One student from each team holds a jumbo roll of un-opened duct tape with their arm straight at a 90° angle from their body for as long as they can. Whoever drops their arm loses. Last one with their arm out wins.

Duct Tape Roomba:

Each team designates a teammate to compete in this challenge. Teams wrap their representative in duct tape (sticky side out). Scatter the floor with small toy bugs or marbles or anything small you like. On three, have students roll around on the floor to see who picks up the most stuff within a minute.