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Is it in the Bible - Halloween Edition PPT Game


Is it in the Bible - Halloween Edition is a powerpoint game where students have to guess whether or not something is in the Bible. From witches to pumpkin to axe murder to chocolate - we’ve done the research for you :)

We kept the list to 13 - here’s some of what went into that decision making process:

We tried to keep out the “debatable” stuff - for example the word “skeleton” usually refers to the complete bone structure of an animal (So a pile of bones might not count) AND Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones mentions bones coming together but they also receive flesh pretty quickly. We hate when games deteriorate into debates so we tried to keep things clear. Mummies are also difficult - Lazarus is wrapped in grave clothes when he first comes out of the grave.

We also left of things that might’ve required a lot of explanation. For example, there’s a “potion” in Numbers 5:11-31 but that seemed like it would require some commentary.

The powerpoint also comes with “YES!” and “NO!” objects with transparent backgrounds so you can continue to customize, add, and update your game in years to come!

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Is it in the Bible HD.png

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A Powerpoint Halloween Trivia Game

Pro Tips:

  • Play Halloween Music while you play!

  • Consider giving different questions different point values to spice things up


  • Projector & Screen

  • powerpoint

How to Play:

This game can be played as a mixer: where students go to the right side of the room if they think the answer is “yes” or the left side of the room if they think the answer is “no.”

This game can also be played between two people as an Up Front Game where each person takes turns answering and whoever gets the most correct wins.