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Back it Up Powerpoint


A customizable and thoughtfully designed “zoom out” powerpoint game where students guess what an object is at four different stages and can receive more points if they guess sooner rather than later (they can also lose more points by doing this).

This game features 11 different items for a total of 44 game slides (plus a title and ending slide).

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This is a ppt zoom game.


  1. Powerpoint/slideshow Capabilities

How to Play:

There are several variations. This is how we play: On a slide show, have a series of objects. Each object will have 4 different zoom perspectives:

1.) Very close

2.) close

3.) not so close

4.) whole object in view.

We split our group up into two teams. We'll show a series of four slides for each object. Very close slide, close slide, not so close slide, and whole object in view slide. If a team guesses correctly on the first slide - they get 4 points and you go on to the next object. If a team guesses wrongly on the first slide, they get minus 4 points and the other team can guess if they want - then you go on to the next slide (note: You only move to the next object when a team guesses correctly). If you move on to the next slide (close view) then it's only worth 3 points. If someone guesses wrongly, then their team gets negative 3 points.

The team is only allowed to guess once per slide. First team that raises their hand can guess first. Teams can pass and not say anything at all during a slide.

I hope this makes sense. Another variation is to use students' Facebook profile pictures. Some in the past have called this version "Facebook zoom.”